Premium Jump From $988 monthly to $3,158?

Good grief!  As you know, the ACA has been a huge drag on the economy for the past few years, and clearly, folks want relief from this insane government policy.  Nowhere in the Constitution is there an enumerated power regarding “health care” or “insurance.”  Those are left to the individual States or the people, according to the 9th and 10th Amendments.  Yet the Republicans in Congress have been powerless to overcome this economic disaster perpetrated on the American people.

Here’s yet another article about the effects this bill will have in 2018 on the people of Charlottesville if they make just a bit too much to qualify for a “subsidy.”

And another!  In today’s issue of the WSJ on page 3 of U.S.News, an article by Stphanie Armour entitled Town Braces for Surge in Premiums goes on with more description of how Charlottesville  residents will be affected.


Healthier people who offset the costs of older and sicker consumers would flock to cheaper plans or drop coverage altogether, they say, raising prices for everyone else. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that repealing the requirement would increase average premiums by about 10% in most years of the next decade.

The fate of the mandate is likely to be decided in coming weeks. But many consumers in Charlottesville want answers.

“People feel we’re victims in a really ugly political game,” said Ian Dixon, 38 years old, an app developer in Charlottesville whose premiums for his family of four will jump from $988 a month to $3,158 a month, according to prices he found on the ACA exchange. “We have to take this up to Capitol Hill.”

Mr. Dixon and other Charlottesville residents have created a Facebook page, written letters to Congress, sought out press attention and created social- media buzz.

Mr. Dixon and other leaders of the ad hoc group drove to Washington on Thursday to explain their plight to staffers of Virginia lawmakers.

Let’s all have a look at Mr. Dixon’s Facebook page for ways to help.


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