High Cost of Individual Health Care

Today, I provided a 30 year old male with quotes for his health insurance.  He needed an individual plan.  The best quotes I found were as described:

Plan 1

  • Deductible – $3500
  • Monthly Premium $600

Plan 2

  • Deductible – $1,000
  • Monthly Premium $718

He doesn’t qualify for any subsidy.  That means he spends $7,200 in premiums and cannot get coverage until he spends $3,500.

This is a direct result of Obamacare, and the failure of the current US Congress to address the issue.  Obamacare got us into this mess, and Congress has failed to get us out.  

Another example:

Family of four, husband and wife in mid 50’s, with two kids in late teens.  The family deductible is $7,000, and the monthly premium is $3,200.  That means out of their family budget $38,400 goes to premiums for a plan that will pay nothing until they have spent $7,000 out of pocket.  They also do not qualify for subsidy.

This is a huge drain on their budget, leaving little for movies, dinners out, or any entertainment.  Yet Congress continues to do nothing.

With all my years in the insurance industry, it has never been this bad.




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