Today WaPo had a story that reminded me….

Today, the Washington Post had a story that was a reminder to me, that life insurance is hugely important.  Reading it over my morning coffee, I realized I’d been concentrating on group sales and health coverage for so long, almost forgetting that fundamental building block of wealth and security.  It’s what started me on my lifelong career.  It’s hugely satisfying to play a role in helping people get started.

Here’s the story.  It’s surely one to make you think.

Carolyn Hax: A widow’s unfounded feelings of guilt

Young parents frequently must budget their income, and provide first for their immediate needs.  Shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and child care are all draining on that income.  Phones, TV reception, health care and taxes also take a big bite.  Most know they should be saving, yet there seems nothing left to put aside.   Often employers will offer an option to purchase a nice group term life insurance plan.  Many think this is enough.  It may be, when you are single.

Until you have a baby.

Then it’s never enough.  Life insurance has been called LOVE many times in ads and TV commercials.  Today, there are many options for inexpensive coverage, and the younger you are when you get it, and the healthier you are, the better.  As we age, and things happen to our general health, rates go up.

For a free no obligation quote, or quote comparison, contact me.  In the business since 1966, I’ve watched all the companies behavior and the industry changes for a good understanding of the marketplace.  I can get you the best coverage for the best price.


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