Should Individual Health Insurance Cost More than Rent?

headacheShould a family need to pay as much for health insurance coverage as they do for their mortgage payments?  How about young people having to pay as much as they do for rent?

How on earth did the democrats get by with naming this travesty the Affordable Care Act?  I don’t know who finds it affordable.  We are talking about ordinary working people, here, not the rich!

According to the Washington Post Metro section today, “Where are the most expensive Obamacare plans in America?  Charlottesville.”

Read it yourselves, how a 38 yr old family man with young children had his coverage jump from $900 a month to $3,000 a month.  This is his second cheapest option.  A family friend just had her renewal quote for single woman jump from $450 a month to more than $800 a month.  Many of these plans are high deductible.  On the exchanges, there may be only one choice left for most folks, and premiums continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  This is just one of the examples discussed in this article.  Oddly, it concludes with the reasoning that this administration is playing games.  Um…. think back a few years.

Yet, when we were promised by Pres. Obama that our insurance costs would go down an average of $2,500 per year, we could keep our plans if we liked them, and we could keep our doctors, many knew it wouldn’t be true.  Democrats pushed this atrocity on us without a single Republican vote, by lying about how it would work.

Remember Ezekial Emanual?  Recall his New Republic article?  Their intent was to kill the insurance companies.

“Americans hate health insurance companies. They are easy targets for everyone to beat up on. When premiums go up, we blame insurance companies; we do not blame the underlying hospitals or physicians who charge high prices that drive up insurance costs. When people with cancer, heart attacks, or other diseases are denied insurance, we blame insurance companies; we do not blame the underlying voluntary insurance market that necessitates underwriting. When our wish for a new high-priced drug is denied, we blame insurance companies; we do not blame drug companies that set the price at over $100,000. Politicians can always elicit an applause by attacking the health insurance companies, reinforcing this bad-guy image of insurance companies.”

Read the rest of that as well.  Things were going to be just peachy keen for us all!

And let’s not forget Professor Gruber.  He claimed to be the architect of Obamacare, and insulted the entire nation, including Democrats, in this viral video wherein he claims the American people are stupid.

I don’t know how Democrats could have believed the lies.  But what we have now is a completely destroyed marketplace for health care and it’s on them.  These two so-called brilliant academics contributed to it.

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