Call a broker? Why?

Doesn’t the internet eliminate the need for that middle man? 

No.  The business of insurance is highly complex.  Most people really need someone to explain its provisions, and assist in determining what kind of coverage, for what issues, and how much to buy.  These issues  really cannot be solved by the Internet.


Isn’t the Obamacare Exchange a replacement for that middle man?

The Exchange attempts to play this role, but it mostly fails at the task.  We get many calls from people who tried the Exchange and are completely confused.  We can help them with that as well.

Doesn’t that middle man cost extra bucks?

No.  Middle men (BROKERS) mostly do not charge a fee.  They are compensated by the insurance companies with whom they place business.

Couldn’t we save money by going direct and cutting out the broker fees?

No.  There is a general “cost of doing business” inherent in every purchase.  If a broker is not paid a commission, the company keeps that money.

To serve your needs, would you rather fumble around in the wilderness, or get the free help of a highly qualified experienced expert in the field of insurance who works for you?  Brokers ordinarily have a whole list of insurance companies and plans they prefer to use.  Their experience paves the way for smoother transactions for you, and and aids you in choosing the company or companies that will best serve you.



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